The Peer Reviewed Scholarship Marketplace (“PRSM”) offers all members of the legal profession—judges, professors, and practitioners—the opportunity to play a vital role in the improvement of legal-scholarship publishing. PRSM seeks reviewers to serve as an author’s peers—experts who, like the author, put themselves forth as having special knowledge, experience, or skill relating to a manuscript’s subject matter. Participation gives subject matter experts a rare ability to police their profession and monitor changes in their specific area of expertise.

Reviews will be kept anonymous from authors and PRSM members as part of PRSM’s double-blind methodology. PRSM will not ask any reviewer to review more than one article in a given year because we recognize that your time is valuable. All that is asked of reviewers is that they complete their review in under six weeks.

If you have expertise in an area of the law and would like to contribute to the improvement of legal-scholarship publishing as a reviewer, please click the button below to sign up.

Submit an Article to PRSM
PRSM is currently accepting articles for review. Articles can be submitted online through Scholastica, an online journal hosting service. Please click on the button below to access PRSM's Scholastica webpage.