The Peer Reviewed Scholarship Marketplace (“PRSM”) invites interested student-edited legal journals to participate in improving legal scholarship publishing. PRSM will not change a member-journal’s process already in place; rather, it will supplement a journal’s article selection by providing quality, peer reviewed articles that a journal may bid on as if it had received them through a service like ExpressO.

What distinguishes PRSM from the other services is its peer review component. The South Carolina Law Review, in its Peer Review Pilot Program, identified several barriers to peer review in legal scholarship. The largest barrier was the issue of exclusive submission, a characteristic generally not present in student-edited legal journals. The remedy was PRSM; authors can now exclusively submit their articles to PRSM’s consortium of multiple legal journals, removing much of the risk of exclusive submission but guaranteeing that reviewers will have adequate time to review manuscripts. PRSM members will then receive the reviews to help guide them in their article selection, and if they find the article appropriate for their journal, they may offer—as they always have—to publish it. In other words, membership in PRSM will not affect student-editors’ autonomy in article selection.

Thus, PRSM does not fundamentally change the process of article selection. Instead, it changes the quality of the articles published. Authors will submit to PRSM knowing that their manuscripts will be vetted by subject matter experts. Student-editors will have the benefit of various subject matter experts’ reviews. Student-editors will maintain complete discretion in choosing the content of their publications. PRSM is only an additional source of articles.

Best of all, PRSM does not come with any cost. The South Carolina Law Reviewhas committed itself to the success of the consortium and its administrative burden. Members will not be required to participate other than by giving us permission to list your name on our website and providing an email address for us to send you articles and reviews. Members may simply sit back and receive reviewed manuscripts. PRSM will, however, welcome any member’s offer to participate actively.