The Peer Reviewed Scholarship Marketplace (“PRSM”) exists to integrate student-edited legal journals with the rest of academic scholarship, where vetting manuscripts by peer review is the norm. As all other fields of academia have observed, adding peer review to the article selection process increases the quality, value, and credibility of published articles, benefitting not only journals and their readers, but authors as well.

PRSM adds the critical peer review component to legal-scholarship publishing as painlessly as possible. Indeed, the PRSM process closely resembles the traditional article selection process. For the protection of the reviewers, PRSM requires that manuscripts be submitted exclusively* to the consortium. Reviews, however, take no longer than six weeks to complete—and often much less time. Reviewed manuscripts are sent along with their double-blind reviews to PRSM’s member journals, which then have the opportunity—informed by the reviews—to make publication offers to authors.

Authors, as with the traditional process, retain the right to accept or decline a journal’s offer. If authors are unsatisfied with all offers—or receive none after a designated date—they are free to resubmit their reviewed articles through ExpressO or another preferred vehicle. Thus, authors can ultimately market their manuscripts that received positive reviews elsewhere or revise them based on negative reviews.

If you are in the process of writing an article and would like to learn more about the benefits of peer review, please email the PRSM Administrator at

*PRSM’s “exclusivity period” ends on the last date for offers from PRSM members.

Submit an Article to PRSM
PRSM is currently accepting articles for review. Articles can be submitted online through Scholastica, an online journal hosting service. Please click on the button below to access PRSM's Scholastica webpage.

Typical Review Timeline
  • PRSM Administrator Secures Reviewers
    (2 weeks max.)
  • Peer Review Period
    (3 weeks max.)
  • Reviews Sent to Author for Response
    (1 week max.)
  • Submission and Reviews Sent to PRSM Members for Review
    (2 weeks max.)